Geoff McFetridge

Music Videos

Geoff McFetridge is a director and prolific graphic artist, whose designs have graced feature films, episodic series, magazine covers, apparel, posters, and other goods for brands such as Nike, Marc Jacobs, Pepsi, and Jack Spade. Both his commercial and music video work reflect his artistic sensibilities, making use of live action, graphics, and animation in unconventional ways. McFetridge’s credits include commercials for The New York Times, ESPN, HP, and Orbitz, and the music video for OK GO’s “Last Leaf,” among others.

His career in commercial direction is a natural progression of art forms. Upon earning an MFA for Graphic Design at the California Institute of the Arts and distinction for his graphics work, he began designing titles and motion graphics, notably for film, TV, and commercial projects such as “Her,” “The Virgin Suicides,” “Freaks and Geeks,” and skateboard company Chocolate. He was a significant contributor to the DIY art style and skateboarding culture that emerged in the 90s,and was featured in the 2008 documentary about the movement, “Beautiful Losers.” In addition to his art and directorial endeavors, McFetridge runs his own microstudio, Creative Graphics, where he personally shepherds each project.

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