Augustus Punch


From its New York inception in 2010, Augustus Punch has built imaginings inside sound stages all over the world—modern, romantic imaginings that are energetically whimsical and playfully bold.

Individually, Alexandra studied fine arts, set design and costume design. Whereas Diesel’s foundations began in engineering before deciding he’s more suited to structures of a different kind.

Having met whilst working together under Baz Luhrmann & Catherine Martin’s extraordinary mentorship; encompassing Moulin Rouge to Chanel No.5, they were inspired to unite as their own creative force.

Together, as Augustus Punch, the chaotic and the methodical is fused into a magical visual language. Working on feature film, theater productions and renown advertising campaigns, notably the celebrity filled Macy’s “Backstage”, the AICP awarded Sony “Frames”, to the world traversing Tumi “Latitude”.

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