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Featured Work


Prada “Priorities of Love” Ryan Hope

Prada “Woman’s Best Friend” Ryan Hope

Prada “Midnight Request” Ryan Hope

easyJet “Imagine” The Sacred Egg

American Vandal “Trailer Season 2” Tony Yacenda

Mr. Inbetween “Trailer” Nash Edgerton


iPhone X “Studio in Your Pocket” CANADA

Kit Kat “Red Phone” Rodrigo Saavedra

Coke “Share A Coke with Friends” CANADA

Short Film Benny’s The Sacred Egg

Bravo “Security Guard” Dugan O’Neal

Apple “Face ID” David Wilson

Chromeo “Must’ve Been” Dugan O’Neal

Behr “Marquee” M Blash

Arcade Fire “Money + Love” David Wilson

Lil Dicky “Freaky Friday” Tony Yacenda

Carnage “Plur Genocide” The Sacred Egg

Jack Links “Glamping” Dugan O’Neal

Kunzite “Vapors” Dugan O’Neal

L’Oreal “Elvive Camila Cabello” Roman Coppola

Francis Ford Coppola Winery “The Red Stain (La Macchia Rossa)” Rodrigo Saavedra

The Voidz “Qyurryus” Julian Casablancas

L’Oreal “Elvive” Roman Coppola

KFC “Green Screen” Dugan O’Neal

KFC “Introducing The Value Colonel” Dugan O’Neal

Playstation “Kratos Speech” Dugan O’Neal

Chromeo “Juice” David Wilson

JAY Z “MARCY ME” The Safdie Brothers

Samsung “Do Anything” M. Blash

ISLE OF DOGS “Trailer” Wes Anderson

Beck “Up All Night” CANADA

Talbots “Boss” Melodie McDaniel

Jack Links “Workin’ Out With Sasquatch: The Edge” Dugan O’Neal

Niki & The Dove x Nufferton “Coconut Kiss” Rodrigo Saavedra

Degree “Hello World” CANADA

Oui “The French Girl” Gia Coppola

David Bowie Is “Sound And Vision” CANADA

M83 “Do It, Try It” David Wilson

American Vandal “Netflix Trailer” Tony Yacenda

Ty Dolla $ign “Love U Better” Ryan Hope

Nestle “Carousel” Rodrigo Saavedra

Samsung “Anything” M. Blash

MailChimp “MailShrimp” The Sacred Egg

MailChimp “JailBlimp” The Sacred Egg

MailChimp “KaleLimp” The Sacred Egg

H&M “Come Together” Wes Anderson

Nike “What Are Girls Made Of?” David Wilson

Lil Dicky “Pillow Talking” Tony Yacenda

Arcade Fire “Everything Now” The Sacred Egg

Harrahs “Funner Mayor David Hasselhoff” Dugan O’Neal

Old Navy “Dresses” Rodrigo Saavedra

Mentos “Narrator” Graydon Sheppard

Nissan “Epic Farewell” Rodrigo Saavedra

Calvin Klein “Calvin Klein or Nothing at All” Sofia Coppola

Cartier “Panthère de Cartier” Sofia Coppola

Royal Blood “Lights Out” The Sacred Egg

Fox “Son of a Binge” Rodrigo Saavedra

Nissan “The Cloud Catcher” Rodrigo Saavedra

KY “Wild Beast” Dugan O’Neal

Target “It Takes Two” Roman Coppola

RE/MAX “Subway Tile” Roman Coppola

Finish “Dishwasher Cleaner Combination” The Sacred Egg

Trojan “Bareskin” Dugan O’Neal

RE/MAX “The Sign of a RE/MAX Agent” Roman Coppola

Fiverr “Anthem” Ryan Hope

RE/MAX “Market” Roman Coppola

RE/MAX “In The Time” Roman Coppola

Progressive “Dadd-eostatis” Roman Coppola

Secret “Pitch” Gia Coppola

Belvedere “Destiny” Dugan O’Neal

Nowness “Western Medicine” Ryan Hope “I Met Someone” Melodie McDaniel

Old Navy “Black Friday” Roman Coppola

Corona “The Wall” Rodrigo Saavedra

KetelOne “Nolet Approval” CANADA

Progressive “Parentamorphosis” Roman Coppola

StubHub “Fight Night” Ryan Hope

KetelOne “Generations” CANADA

Google “Daughter” Melodie McDaniel

Honda “Waltz” Rodrigo Saavedra

KitKat “Breaks That Changed The World” Rodrigo Saavedra

Secret “Ladies Room” Gia Coppola

Society of Saint Vincent De Paul “Ben” David Wilson

Easy Jet “Why Not?” CANADA

Scrabble “Anagram Lovers” Rodrigo Saavedra

Ascent “Burpee” Ryan Hope

Trojan “Bareskin” Tony Yacenda & Dugan O’Neal

Ascent “Yoga” Ryan Hope

Budweiser “Infected” CANADA

Gucci “EP1: The Wedding” Gia Coppola

Gucci “EP2: The Bliss” Gia Coppola

Gucci “EP3: The Descent” Gia Coppola

Gucci “EP4: The Petition of Hades” Gia Coppola

Uber “Independence” Melodie Mcdaniel

“Macbeth” David Wilson

RY X “Salt” Dugan O’Neal

Philips “One Blade” Dugan O’Neal

Method “Birthday” CANADA

Facebook “Nails” Gia Coppola

Method “Meatball Golf” CANADA

Finish “Ageing” CANADA

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Trojan “Bareskin” Dugan O’Neal