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Melodie McDaniel in BlackBook: Compton Youth Thrives Through Equestrianism in New Photo Series - [ May 22, 2018 ]

A slightly familiar group of celebs, influencers, and members of the art world recently converged on Space 15 Twenty in Los Angeles for a slightly less than familiar cultural experience – as photographer Melodie McDaniel unveiled her latest series, Daring to Claim the Sky. Curated by Audrey Landreth, the exhibit of 36 black-and-white prints offers a… [MORE]

Watch Arcade Fire’s “Money + Love” Double Music Video Starring Toni Collette - [ March 15, 2018 ]

Arcade Fire have released their new “Money + Love” short film, after sharing a teaser for the clip earlier this week. The clip is a double music video “Put Your Money on Me” and “We Don’t Deserve Love,” the third and second-to-last tracks on the band’s July album Everything Now. Directed by David Wilson, the video is a full 13 minutes long subtracting credits, and… [MORE]

Watch the Trailer for Arcade Fire’s New Video “Money + Love” A double music video starring Toni Collette - [ March 12, 2018 ]

  Arcade Fire have officially announced a new short film titled “Money + Love.” Directed by David Wilson, the visual will serve as a music video for their Everything Now tracks “We Don’t Deserve Love“ and “Put Your Money on Me.” It’s set to star the band as well as actor Toni Collette (The Sixth Sense, Little Miss Sunshine)…. [MORE]

Carnage Unveils Official Video Directed by The Sacred Egg for Brand New Steve Aoki & Lockdown Collaboration ‘PLUR Genocide’ - [ February 26, 2018 ]

Video directors, The Sacred Egg, gave their take on the production, adding: “From a film making perspective the track is a gift.  It has a kind of gritty industrial feel about it, as well as a simplicity that we really like. We knew we wanted to create something beautiful but also aggressive.  We reference scenes from renaissance… [MORE]

‘Mozart In The Jungle’ Trailer: Premiere Date Set For New Season, New Melodies - [ February 9, 2018 ]

  “Music has stopped talking to me,” says Gael García Bernal’s Rodrigo in this new Season 4 trailer for Amazon Prime’s Mozart in the Jungle. The series returns Feb. 16, and judging from the trailer, music’s silence is short-lived. Says Amazon about the new season, “New melodies arise as Rodrigo (Gael García Bernal) and Hailey (Lola Kirke) take… [MORE]

Ratatat offshoot KUNZITE announce debut album, BIRDS DON’T FLY, share the video for new song “VAPORS” - [ February 1, 2018 ]

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Who Is Billy? Coppola Winery’s Comical Short Film Has Two Wildly Opposing Theories – ADWEEK - [ January 22, 2018 ]

We hear a lot about “storytelling” in one form or another these days. It’s become one of the most overused and hotly debated buzzwords in the business. Now, acclaimed commercial director Rodrigo Saavedra of The Directors Bureau puts storytelling in sharp focus for Francis Coppola’s winery in “The Red Stain,” a 10-minute brand film that… [MORE]

Someone Give Winona Ryder a Golden Globe for This L’Oréal Commercial - [ January 8, 2018 ]

The most deserved winner of a Golden Globe this year is Winona Ryder, who is technically not nominated but receives an honorary, unofficial award for her role in the emotional Roman Coppola–directed L’Oréal Paris commercial that compares the actress’s career to damaged hair. Some were angered, others were teary, but we all were left thinking, Holy shit,… [MORE]

Microsoft’s ‘3D Holiday’ Ad Is a Whimsical, Out-of-Earth Inclusion Parable - [ December 12, 2017 ]

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