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“LiBai’s Premonition”: lockdown short is poetry in emotion - [ June 25, 2020 ]

Check out “LiBai’s Premonition” by Rodrigo Saavedra, featured in the Shots article below. This new short film from director Rodrigo Saavedra is inspired by 8th century Chinese poet, Li Bai. Saavedra thought that the poem, Drinking Alone in the Moonlight, though more than 1,000 years old, had perfectly portrayed the emotions of people in lockdown… [MORE]

12 of the hottest photographers to follow right now - [ June 23, 2020 ]

Check out Creative Boom’s article featuring Melodie McDaniel. Melodie McDaniel is a still photographer and a film director who works with equal fluency between the worlds of fashion, music, fine art, and commercials. Across her career, she has taken photos for the likes of Patti Smith, Cheryl Crow, Pharrell Williams and Fugees; directed music videos… [MORE]

“Trial by Media” is now streaming on Netflix - [ May 14, 2020 ]

Check out “Trial by Media” episode one directed by Tony Yacenda now streaming on Netflix. Link to the episode along with an IndieWire article about Tony’s experience is below! Netflix IndieWire

The Pandemic Has Turned Los Angeles Into a Walking City: Geoff McFetridge - [ April 24, 2020 ]

Check out Geoff McFetridge’s story in The New York Times this month! The story is titled The Pandemic Has Turned Los Angeles Into a Walking City, and delivers a poignant and relevant message for the times at hand. The Pandemic Has Turned Los Angeles Into a Walking City By Geoff McFetridge April 23, 2020 In… [MORE]

Five Questions from Quarantine: Lope Serrano - [ April 22, 2020 ]

Check out one of CANADA’s directors Lope Serrano featured in SHOTS this week! The piece is titled Five Questions from Quarantine, and it offers a quick glimpse into Lope’s life while in quarantine. Q: What’s your self-isolation set-up at the moment? Our house in Barcelona. A bright and comfortable 90m2 apartment in the Eixample neighbourhood…. [MORE]

Help keep City Lights Books alive! - [ April 10, 2020 ]

Help keep City Lights Books alive! It’s not just a bookstore, it’s an institution. Imagine what a sad world where we come back from this with no City Lights. Please help if you can, and please share as well! Thank you!:

CANADA’s new video for Dua Lipa single “Physical” to air 1.31.20 - [ January 29, 2020 ]

Dua Lipa gave fans another glimpse at her Future Nostalgia album on Friday (Jan. 24) with the announcement of her next single, “Physical.” The song, which she said is due on Jan. 31, was revealed with a dramatic, fashion-forward flourish, alongside a picture of Dua floating through the air in a patterned black and blue dress and animal-print tights/boots. … [MORE]

Romans HEINZ Ad to Air During the Big Game - [ January 23, 2020 ]

First-of-its-kind ad directed by Roman Coppola brings goodness to so many situations, you’ll need to watch it again. and again. and again. PITTSBURGH & CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Today HEINZ confirmed they will bring to life four ads at once for the big game. With so much happening in just thirty seconds, HEINZ guarantees fans will want to watch… [MORE]

‘Palo Alto’ Director Gia Coppola Adds Flair to Elle Fanning Music Video - [ April 23, 2019 ]

Since making her promising directorial debut “Palo Alto” in 2014, Gia Coppola has been slow to release a follow-up. While her next feature is still in development, Coppola stepped back behind the camera for a simple yet stylish music video, debuting exclusively on IndieWire. A member of one of the royal families of cinema, Coppola… [MORE]

Watch Christine and the Queens’s “Comme si” music video - [ April 15, 2019 ]

The David Wilson-directed clip sees Chris street-dancing in the middle of a lush green meadow. She ultimately makes her way to a pond, dancing and laying carefreely in the water before the video concludes. Read more on The Fader.